Friday 23 September 2016

Update for Sept 19-23rd

Assalamu alikum Dear Abraar Parents,

Alhamdullilah we are now getting the ball rolling in terms of our studies as this was the first week of uninterrupted classes.

As you know we have Student Council elections going on right now. InshAllah on Monday and Tuesday next week students running for a spot on Student Council will be campaigning to win votes. Elections will take place on Wednesday Sept 28th inshAllah.

Also this week, "Community Involvement Notification and Activity Completion Sheet" form was sent with your child. This form is to be completed by the person your child is volunteering for to collect their community hours to graduate. It is a requirement for all students to have completed 40 hours of community service in high school.

For next week in my class we have the following due:

ENG2D: Humans of Abraar presentations
CHC2D: Monday Checkpoints pg 21 due, Thursday Chp 1 Quiz
ART10: Muslim artist presentations

I am also very excited about our English class starting our unit on Malcolm X. We will start reading his autobiography next week inshAllah.

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