Wednesday 23 November 2016


Assalamu alikum all,

Alhamdullilah the year has been going well so far. We have become a really tight family in the classroom alhamdullilah and nothing is better than a safe, inclusive, and comfortable environment for learning.

 In English we are now on Chapter 12 of the Autobiography of Malcolm X. We aim to finish the book by the second week of December inshAllah. We have learned a lot about the struggles of African Americans and the mercy Allah has on people, evident through Malcolm X's complete transformation from being the lowest in society to someone famous for his eloquence and strength.
We have just finished writing our own personal narrative essays and will now move onto our next major assignment.

In History we have just completed Chapter 5 which discusses post World War 1. InshAllah we will have a mock Paris Peace Conference in our own class next week. Each student will be given a country to represent at the conference. He/she will have to research and present a list of demands in front of the other nations to deal with the aftermath of the war. Good luck to whoever gets Germany!

In Art the Grade 10s successfully completed a hilarious Stop Motion video based on the popular joke, "What happens when the chicken crosses the road?"

We had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful pottery workshop and the students had the chance to create mugs and bowls in class. I hope you had the chance to see their work once it was brought home.

We are now on the Islamic Art and Architecture Unit. We have just finished watching a documentary on Islamic Architecture and are currently working on our own Islamic Geometric Art. We will also have a workshop on Arabic calligraphy in the coming weeks for students to try out inshAllah.

Feel free to contact me at if needed.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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